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Why should I have my bins cleaned when I can do it myself?

Leave the nasty job to us! Our state of the art cleaning system utilizes high pressure and hot water, cleaning better than a garden hose and scrub brush could ever do. Our equipment also captures wastewater to be disposed of properly.

How soon is my first service?

In most cases we can be there as early as the next trash day. In some situations we will adjust your next visit to be on the route with others in your neighborhood for efficiency.

How many bins can I get cleaned?

We can clean as many bins as you would like. Trash, yard waste, or recycling. Use our customer portal to customize your plan to add or remove bins from your service! We ask that you only have us clean your bins, not the neighbors too! 

How do I know when you will be there to clean the bins?

After you sign up, you will be notified of your first visit date by text and/or email. In addition, you will receive reminders the day prior to service. We also will send out reminders on your service day if we have not made it to your neighborhood, just to make sure your bins are still kept outside! Once service is complete you will be notified.

How often do you clean the bins?

We have two recurring plans. Monthly is every 4 weeks, and Quarterly is every 12 weeks. One time cleanings are as needed.

If my bins were cleaned, why might they still have a residue or smell?

While we strive to make the bins as clean as possible, a first time cleaning may not get rid of 100% of the buildup of years and years of trash and there may be some residual odor as well since the plastic has become porous over the years. We recommend recurring cleanings for this specific reason. The more cleanings the bins go through, the better they will be! We can guarantee that the bins will always be cleaner and smell better than they started out.

Is there any reason you wouldn’t clean a bin?

We will not clean any bins that are severely damaged, as we do not want to cause more damage to the bins. We will also not clean any bins that have any oil or gasoline, paint, feces, kitty litter, adhesives, or anything that we determine could damage our equipment or be unsafe to clean.

What happens in the winter? Do you still operate?

Yes, we operate in the winter! As long as temperatures are high enough we will be servicing our clients. In the event of poor weather conditions or temperatures we will notify our clients and attempt to reschedule.

Are there any contracts? How do I cancel service?

You can cancel at any time, either by calling or going through your Customer Portal. However, if you signed up for a recurring service and canceled after the first visit you will be billed at the One Time cleaning fee!

What if I need to skip service because I am going out of town, or didn’t get a chance to bring the trash out in time?

Please reach out to us as soon as you know so we can remove you from the route and reschedule your service. If you do not notify us you may still be billed for that visit! You can reach us directly at 815-290-0030!

Do you do fundraising or referrals?

Yes, we absolutely do! For Fundraising inquiries please call us at 815-290-0030 or email us at For referrals you have a unique referral link and QR code in your Customer Portal that will give you discounts towards your next visit, as well as away to email your friends, family and neighbors!

Are there any discounts for my neighborhood or HOA?

Take a look at our Facebook page, from time to time we may put out a discount code for new customers. If you are a member of an HOA or neighborhood organization and want to discuss a bulk cleaning discount please reach out to us at!